A persistência da memória
7/20/2008 11:08:00 da tarde | Author: Isa
When you take off her shirt, gently raise her arms above her head and run your fingers down them, grazing your fingernails along her skin. Slide it off over her head, let her lean her head back, and trace her neck with the tip of your tongue.

When you unclasp her bra, don't rush. Unsnap the hooks one by one, ease the straps down her arm, lay a kiss on her shoulder and watch her breasts as they cascade from the fabric.

When you remove her jeans, unbutton the button very slowly. Obtain every moan you can get from this one simple task. Try not to unzip the zipper until she begs you to do so. Make her beg… make *yourself* beg for her to be out of those jeans.

When you slip the pants down the floor, kneel as you go. Brush your lips against her stomach, her hips, her sex, her thighs… Carefully take her weight as she leans against you to remove the pants from her feet, and while doing that, remove her socks, making sure to give each foot a quick rubdown.

When you rid her of her panties, do so leisurely. Make her think that it might never happen, because the longer you take, the wetter she'll get, and the wetter she gets, the more thankful she'll be that she no longer has them in the way. And so will you.